The majority of the Belarusian economy is under the control of the local government, and it in turn, depends on multinationals to employ the citizens. Roughly fifty percent of the country’s population is directly employed by either the telecommunication companies or FMCGs.

Wages in Belarus are generally low, with the high tech corporations benefitting from the cheap labour. This has lead to a major exodus of workers to neighbouring countries where wages are higher. While this leaves a void in the Belarus job market, not all expatriates may be willing to work at the lower salaries.

Tourism is another major earner for the country. Due to an abundance of natural attractions, a large number of foreigners visit the country. Employment opportunities exist in hotels, shopping malls, natural resorts and art theatres. Jobs are also available in the fields of Information Technology, Sales & Marketing, Accounting & finance and Management Sciences. However competition is stiff due to the good quality of education and the large numbers of freshly trained locals coming out of colleges and universities. Also there are restrictions on how many foreigners a company can employ.

For those seeking temporary employment, there are options in the services related tourism industries. The pay is not great, but it is sufficient to tie one over as food and boarding are not that expensive either. Teaching English is also an option for the native speakers. Online tools are very good for locating such short term jobs, however visiting the businesses in person may be more productive.


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