Barbados has one of the strongest economies in the Caribbean, making it a good choice for those wishing to find employment in the area. As with most countries, preference for jobs is given to locals, but with enough determination you should be able to secure a job in Barbados.

Finances, information technology, and tourism represent the main industries where foreigners could secure a job. Short-term jobs, especially as construction workers in shipyards, also exist. For higher paid jobs, past experience, a Bachelor’s degree or higher, and recommendations from past employers are a must. Experience as a volunteer is also highly looked upon and could improve your chances of getting hired in Barbados. Two major job opportunities in the nation are represented by working as a scuba diving instructor or as a nanny for one of the numerous ex-pat families living on the island. For both types of jobs, you will be required to make proof of the proper credentials.


Registering with Barbados’ Ministry of Labour can help you with your job hunting process. A final option would be represented by opening your own business in the area; for this purpose, teaming up with a local Barbadian is highly recommended.

Most nationals, with the exception of those from the Caribbean commercial region, will require a work permit. Depending on the duration of your employment in Barbados, you can choose between a short term and a long term work permit. 


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