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Zimbabwe is a landlocked country located on the African continent and bordered on the southwest by Botswana, South Africa to the south, Zambia to the northwest and Mozambique to the east. For the last thirty years Zimbabwe has been a land of contrasts. On one hand the country is struggling with its economy and government, while on the other it is a land of picturesque Victoria Falls, exotic wildlife and adventure.  Approximately 65% of the population of Zimbabwe lives below the poverty line.

The topography of Zimbabwe is one of a high plateau. The terrain is made up of mainly grasslands with mountainous region to the east. Hardwood forests and tropical evergreens are the common plants in this area. Trees include teak, mahogany, msasa, knobthorn and baobab. The Zambezi River lies on the northeastern side of the country with Victoria Falls and Lake Kariba. The river provides some of the world’s foremost water adventure travel locations. White water rafting, canoeing and kayaking are among the favoured sports.

The climate of Zimbabwe is essentially tropical with rainy season lasting from late in October to March. The country faces recurring droughts. Zimbabwe is home to about 350 mammal species along with more than 500 birds and 131 species of fish. Tourism is a major industry in Zimbabwe but it could be in trouble. According to Zimbabwe’s Conservation Task Force 60% of the country’s wildlife has in a little over the last one decade due to poaching and deforestation, which directly impacts tourism. Other major foreign exchange earners include agriculture, mineral exports and gold.


Fast Facts:

Capital:    Harare

Government:    Semi-presidential system, Republic

Currencies:    United States Dollar, Euro, UK £, South African rand

Official languages:    English, Shona and Ndebele

Area:    390,757 sq. km. (150,872 sq. mi.).

Ethnic Groups:    Shona, Ndebele, other African, white, mixed and Asian.

Religions:    Christianity, offshoot Christian sects, animist, and Muslim.


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