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Sudan is the largest country in Africa. The country measures 1,861,484 square kilometres or a quarter the size of the USA. Sudan shares borders with Libya, Egypt, Kenya, Ethiopia, Chad, Uganda, The Central African Republic, Eritrea and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Sudan is traversed from North to South by the Nile and the Red Sea covers almost 500 miles on its Easter Coast. Sudan’s population is approximately 35 million and the capital is Khartoum.

Sudan: Climate and Landscape

The north of the country is mainly arid plains while the mountainous south has tropical climate. Due to proximity to the desert, dust/sand storms are common in the north. However, rainy seasons vary by region, Khartoum experiences rain between July and August, Port Sudan between October to December. Though rainfall is often scant, it can cause mayhem on the roads in regions such as the Nuba Mountains. In the cooler south, it rain all year round though April to November is the wettest time.

Places to Visit in Sudan

Despite its size, travel advisories have hampered tourism in Sudan. Visitors can get to tour the Jebel Markal Mountain, UNESCO world heritage site. The Rea Sea remains among the top attractions in Sudan with its charming coral reefs and marine gardens. For wildlife lovers the Dinder National park is home to many species.


Sudan: People and Language

The official languages in Sudan are English and Arabic though locals speak hundreds of indigenous languages. Some of the popular local dialects include Nubian, Ta and Bedawie among others. The main groups in Sudan include Blacks, Arabs, Beja and foreigners.

Other Facts from Sudan

Sudan has many natural resources including chromium ore, copper, petroleum, zinc ore (small amounts), mica, tungsten, silver, gold and hydropower. The country suffers drought often due to inadequate water supply. The ox driven water wheel invented in 400 B.C. still plays a vital role in the country. Though literacy is reasonable at 69%, Sudan still faces a lot of gender imbalance. In Sudan, more girls die during childbirth than trying to complete primary education. In Arabic, the name Sudan translates to “Land of Blacks”.


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