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Nigeria, located in West Africa is the most populous African state. The country has whooping population of approximately 130 million people. The country’s capital is Abuja. The country is also West Africa’s economic giant considered more of a business destination than a tourist destination. The country is large and comparatively is almost twice the size of Spain. Her neighbours include Cameroon, Benin, Niger and Chad.

Nigeria: Climate and Landscape

The Nigerian climate varies from an oil rich delta, to a large belt of rain forest inland and high savannah covered plateaus in the North. Rainy season vary between regions; May -July in the south, Sept – Oct in the west, Apr- Oct in the east and July- Aug in the north. The best time to visit the country is between Dec and Feb.

Sights and Sounds of Nigeria

Lagos, the commercial capital of the country being among the interesting locations to visit in Nigeria. This bustling city has population of 10 million and is known for its active nightlife, street markets and the national Museum. In the North East, visitors can enjoy watching game in Yankari national park. The park is home to wildlife such as elephants, hot springs and is a popular eco destination. For insight into traditional Nigerian architecture, visitors should consider a trip to Kano in the North.


Nigeria people and Languages

Nigeria’s official Language is English though French is also widely used due to its influence in neighbouring countries. In addition to these languages, Nigerians also speak Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa and Fulani.

Other Facts from Nigeria

Nigeria has a large Muslim population, much of which resides in the north. The northern portion less modern and westernized than the south. Nigeria has significant oil resources that have for long been poorly managed. Nigeria is a federal state consisting of 36 states. Nigeria occasionally experiences violent flares due to religious tensions. The country has some of the largest oil deposits in the world but corruption has seen this money only benefit small section of the society.


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