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Lesotho is small mountainous country about the size of Maryland. The country is surrounded by South Africa and is governed by a constitutional monarchy. The country’s capital is Maseru and the population is approximately 2 million people. The name Lesotho translates to “The Land of the Sotho.”

Lesotho Climate and Landscape

The terrain is very hilly with over 80% of the country lying above 1800m above sea level. The country’ climate is temperate with cool to cold, dry winters and hot and wet summers.

Lesotho Wildlife and sites to Visit

Lesotho has a lot of wildlife and some wonderful sites for eco tourism such as the Maluti mountains. These mountains are home to many species of birds and animals. In addition to this tourist in the country can visit other parks such as the Sehlabathebe National park and the Liphofung Nature. Reserve. The parks in the country are home to over 200 bird species bets seen between October to March.


Lesotho People and Languages

English and Sesotho are the official languages used in the country. Lesotho’s largest ethnic group is the Sotho comprising almost the entire population. In addition to the Sotho, the country is home to Europeans, Asians and others who are below 1% of the population.

Other Facts from Lesotho

Lesotho was originally known as Basutoland prior to gaining independence from the UK in 1966. The country is reasonably fertile with almost 11% of the land arable. Lesotho has a fairly well established manufacturing sector that exports clothes and motor vehicles around Africa. The country also has agricultural outputs for export such as wool, mohair, food and live animals. The country has a very high literacy rate estimated to be in the range of 82%. Despite having only diamonds and water as natural resources, Lesotho completely satisfies her domestic electricity needs from hydro electricity. The country also sells water to South Africa. The country has among the highest HIV infection rates globally.


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