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Guinea Bissau is a small West African nation about half the size of South Carolina. Her neighbours include Guinea and Senegal. The capital city Bissau is the largest city in the country. Based on estimates from 2005 the country’s population should currently fall in the range of 3 million.

Guinea Bissau: Climate and Landscape

The country is generally a low coastal region consisting mainly of swamps rain forests and mangrove covered wetlands. The country also has an archipelago known as Bijagos, comprising almost 25 islands off its coast.

Sights and Sounds of Guinea Bissau

Bissau, the capital is one of the interesting sites to visit in Guinea. When in Bissau visitors can drop by the cultural centre, the museum of African artefacts or tour the city and it restaurants. The country also has a nice ancient site known as Bolama Bubaque where visitors can get a glimpse into life before the Portuguese arrival. The country also has a number of good national parks for eco tourism. The archipelago is also a perfect and enticing venue for many tourists visiting Guinea Bissau.

Guinea Bissau: People and Languages

In Guinea Bissau, Portuguese is the official language though Criolo and a number of African languages are more widely spoken. Less than one in seven national’s can speak and write Portuguese. The major ethnic groups in Guinea include Papel, Balanta, Mancanha and Manjaco.

Other Facts from Guinea Bissau

Guinea Bissau was originally Gabu and was a part of the larger Empire of Mali. The country later fell under Portuguese influence and was then known as Portuguese Guinea. After independence, the name Bissau was added to its name to prevent confusion with the Republic of Guinea. Guinea Bissau has a number of useful natural resources including fish, timber, bauxite, clay, granite and even some unexploited petroleum deposits. The country has a relatively low literacy rate of almost 42%. Much of the country is engaged in small-scale subsistence farming and the country’s main export is Cashew nuts.







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