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Unlike its name suggests Equatorial Guinea is not on the equator but lies in Central Africa between Cameroon and Gabon. The country is among the smallest in Africa and is a little smaller than Belgium. It has an area of approximately 28,000 sq. Km and its population is approximately 700,000. The country comprises a mainland and five inhabited islands. The capital city, Malabo, is located offshore on the Bioko Island.

Climate in Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea has typical tropical climate and is warm all year round. The dry season normally runs December to February and is the best time for a visit to the country. The temperature across the country is mostly constant through the year and ranges between 29-32 degrees Celsius. Equatorial Guinea receives a lot of rainfall during May and June.

Equatorial Guinean Landscape and Wildlife

Equatorial Guinea has many beautiful beaches on both the islands and on the mainland. The islands of Equatorial Guinea vary in landscape with some having dense equatorial forest, deep crater lakes, cascading waterfalls and towering volcanic peaks. In addition to this, islands such as Bioko are home to a large number of endangered primates, almost 200 bird species and several unique plant species.


Equatorial Guinea: People and Language

Equatorial Guinea is a former Spanish colony that gained independence in 1968. In the country, Spanish and French are the official languages, though locals also use a variety of local dialects.

Other Facts from Equatorial Guinea

Though Equatorial Guinea ranks 3rd among African petroleum producing nations, over 70% of the population live below the UN poverty threshold. The capital city Malabo has many beautiful architectural relics from the Spanish colonial era. In addition to petroleum, the country also has gold deposits, bauxite, natural gas, diamonds, sand and clay. The largest city in the country, Bata (on the mainland), is famous for bustling markets and great nightlife. The tourism industry is currently on the rise due to the large number of business travellers arriving in Malabo. Across Equatorial Guinea, beer is relatively expensive but local sugarcane brew is widely available.


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