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The Islands of Bermuda, also known as Somers Isles, are located in the North Atlantic Oceans, east of the United States. Its capital is Hamilton, while its largest city is Saint George. A little over 60,000 people live in Bermuda, which is a British Overseas Territory. Bermuda is a parliamentary democracy with the head of state being Queen Elizabeth II, who is represented by a local Governor. Foreign affairs and defence are managed by the UK. Bermuda is also a part of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

Bermuda has a subtropical climate, characterized by high humidity. Temperatures tend to remain high throughout the year. The island nation is located within the hurricane belt and tropical storms are not uncommon. Rainfall represents the only source of fresh water in Bermuda.


Offshore financing and tourism are the two strongest sectors in Bermuda’s economy. The nation has a limited manufacturing industry and most goods have to be imported. The local currency is the Bermudian dollar (BMD), which is currently pegged to the US dollar (USD). The USD is widely accepted as a currency, but banks will charge clients to exchange the 2 currencies.

The only official language in Bermuda is English. The nation has a developed ex-pat community, of several thousand people originating mainly from the UK, the US, and Canada. The two most important touristic attractions in Bermuda are represented by Saint George, a World Heritage Site, and the Royal Naval Dockyard. 


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