Road through mountains

If you are a frequent traveler, then you may have already seen all the typical tourist destinations. Even those that are not so well known, are starting to become more popular as people seek out new experiences. Where in the world can you go that hasn’t been visited by many people before?

There are still a few alternative locations that have stayed relatively quiet but still offer the traveler the ideal holiday.

Road through mountains

Naxos and Milos, Greece

The stunning views from Santorini are one of the reasons people flock to the idyllic setting. However, there are other places in Greece that are just as lovely but haven’t had the same level of tourism.

Both Naxos and Milos are accessible using the Hellenic Seaways ferries. They have amazing scenery and traditional villages such as Chalki and the fishing village of Apieranthos.

Margaret River, Australia

Although you may well have been surfing in Byron Bay, there is another location that offers the same excellent surf. Margaret Bay is located in Western Australia and along with the surfing, has karri forests and a growing truffle industry.

Whether you like surfing or eating, this corner of the country can offer you both those things and much more. Book a wine tour and sample all the local wines, beer and chocolate.

Alacati, Turkey

While millions of people may flock to Bodrum for its lovely beaches, you won’t find everyone going there. The high flyers and jet setters prefer to go to places like Alacati because of the outdoor cafes and quiet cobblestoned streets.

You can also find world-class surfing there as well as a growing wine industry for you to sample.

Jackson, Wyoming

There are few places in America where you can experience the quaint nostalgia of the Wild West. However, in Jackson, you can see shops and bars that have managed to retain the sense of the Wild West.

Along with the town itself, there are other things that have a touch of the West about them. The nearby White Buffalo Club is one such place, where you can stay the night in luxury.

Namibia, Africa

Although Namibia is the fourth largest country in the world, it has a national park that is still relatively unknown. The park has everything the intrepid traveler would need. There are volcano mountains, the Namibian desert that is second in size only to the Sahara, and shipwrecks of the Skeleton coast.

Along with all this, you also have the wildlife that many safari goers traveled here in the past to experience. Now, there are numerous lodges and other places to stay for those wanting more from this beautiful country.

Santa Juana, Costa Rica

The Central American country of Costa Rica has an amazingly diverse wildlife that consists of frogs, toucans, sloths, and spiders. It is one of the reasons people come here in the summer, however, they also come to see the national parks which get quite busy.

If you go somewhere such as Sant Juana, you will see more of the traditional way of life. They have plum tree plantations, coffee plantations, and ox-pulled carts.

Although you won’t see a lot of tourists at these locations, you will find the local traditions and the authentic rural living.


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