Renowned as a surfing haven, Central America offers abundant warm waters, cool beers, and some of the most epic surfing experiences you’ll ever embark on.

SurfingIf you’ve been thinking about hitting a few great surfing spots in Central America, but find yourself without the proper info to locate these hidden gems, we’ve got just what you need.  We’ve rounded up some of the best spots for you to check out and enjoy!

#1 Puerto Escondido, Mexico

If you’re into hollow barrels then the Playa Zicatella sandbars will offer you amazing surf. This spot is renowned as one of the best beach breaks ever (including the ability to break your board and perhaps some bones too).

#2 Punta Roca, El Salvador

Along the El Salvadorian coastline you’ll find Punta Roca, a rocky point that offers long, fast, and powerful surf. Waves here may be a little heavy, and coupled with the atmosphere both on and off the water makes for one epic adventure.

#3 Salinas Cruz, Mexico

While Salinas Cruz has a big port town, this area is still pretty off the beaten track, which means that you’ll have a lot of privacy to surf up a storm. Being a mainly underdeveloped area, this Southern Mexico surf spot offers perfect right point breaks and the opportunity to explore some of Central America’s best kept secret spots.

#4 Playa Colorado, Nicaragua

Much like Puerto Escondido, Playa Colorado offers you smaller crowds and a more relaxed surfing vibe. Entertainment costs are super cheap here, compared to other popular areas in the surrounds, and you’ll also have the ability to explore rugged secret spots.

#5 Ollie’s Point, Costa Rica

Located near the Nicaraguan border lies the spot named after Oliver North, Ollie’s Point. This area can only be accessed by boat, but don’t think that this spot is secluded, you’ll find it gets pretty crowded since it’s one of the best ripping spots around Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

#6 Witches Rock, Costa Rica

If you’ve ever seen ‘The Endless Summer II’, you’ll know all about Witches Rock. This classic break can deliver perfect rights and lefts, but you’ll need to boat in since the beach forms part of the national park.

#7 Pavones, Costa Rica

Offering some of the most impressive point break spots, this would-be secret of the Northern Hemisphere is located near the border of Panama. Small crowds and great barrels make Pavones one of the best un-kept secrets in the valley.

#8 Salsa Brava, Costa Rica

Salsa Brava is a Caribbean gem known for its impressive pipe waves. This spot has a shallow reef and waters can become fierce at the turn of the tide, so make sure you wear enough protection if surfing here.

#9 Santa Catalina, Panama

Breaking over a lava reef stretching over 200 yards long, Santa Catalina offers consistent waves that are serious when it comes to reaching proper size. There are times when the pacific takes a “nap” and lies flat, but there’s plenty to do out in the water (like fishing) while you wait for the waves to roll back in.

#10 Bocas Del Toro, Panama

Also known as The Mouth of the Bull, Bocas Del Toro lies just off the Caribbean Coast. This spot offers you amazing reef breaks, and if you take a water taxi, you’ll gain access to some of the most scenic beaches in the area. Expect a nice (and welcome) Rasta vibe from the island locals, but don’t cramp their style and drop in on their waves, proper etiquette is key here!

Final Thoughts

We’ve shown you 10 of the best surfing spots in Central America. We feel confident you will be able to plan ahead and embark on one of the most epic surfing adventures while you’re out in these amazing parts of the world. We hope that you have found this guide useful and that you’re now armed with all the info you’ll need to find the perfect right break!

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