Although best known for its vibrant party scene, Ibiza has much more to offer than a simple array of world-class nightclubs. From dazzling salt flats in the south to verdant pine forests in the north, from superb restaurants to fantastic accommodation, the White Island has something that will appeal to holidaymakers of all persuasions.

IbizaSituated in the Mediterranean, just under fifty miles from the coast of mainland Spain, Ibiza is home to a population of 132,637 according to the most recent census, with this number swelling in the period from mid May until early October. Ibiza Town (Vila d’Eivissa in Catalan) is the largest of the island’s cities, whilst the resorts of San Antonio and Playa d’en Bossa welcome the majority of the party-goers who flock to its shores every year.

If you’re planning a trip to the White Island, here is the information you should know before you book your plane tickets.

When To Go

Boasting a benign, year-round climate, picking the best dates for an Ibizan vacation ultimately comes down to a question of taste. On the one hand, if it’s a buzzing party atmosphere and wall-to-wall sunshine you’re after, then you would be well advised to travel sometime between June and September. By this point in the year, the clubs have all hosted their opening-night events and the temperature is typically sitting in the high twenties to low thirties.

IbizaOf course, if you would prefer to experience the White Island at a more laid-back pace, and the guarantee of fair weather isn’t an issue, you may be better off waiting until the party season ends to take your trip. From the moment the last closing party ends, Ibiza empties out, allowing you to explore the island’s white-sand beaches and clear-water coves without the crowds.

What To Do

A Night on the Town

This should go without saying, but no holiday on Ibiza would be complete without at least one night-out in San Antonio or Playa d’en Bossa. With so many clubs to choose from, you are sure to find something in line with your musical preferences, and the atmosphere at the height of the season is pretty tough to beat. Even if you’ve convinced yourself that clubbing isn’t for you, Ibiza’s renowned nightspots may just change your mind.

Outdoor Adventure

From dense forests to meandering cliff-top trails, the Ibizan landscape lends itself beautifully to hiking and mountain-biking. There are also plenty of opportunities to practice water-sports on the island, and the warm waters of the Mediterranean are ideal for everything from deep-sea diving to kite-surfing.


While some might dismiss the very notion of Ibiza as a gastronomic holiday destination, this belies the fact that a number of high-profile chefs have arrived on the island in recent years. Albert and Ferran Adrià, for instance, are scheduled to launch a new project in partnership with the Cirque du Soleil in the coming months, combining the wonders of haute cuisine with those of visual spectacle. On the more humble end of the spectrum, there are also plenty of traditional, family-run restaurants on Ibiza serving up great-tasting Spanish dishes at a reasonable price.

Getting Around

It has never been easier to get to Ibiza, and a number of airlines offer daily flights from countries all over Europe. Once you’ve arrived, renting a car is by far the best option if you’re interested in checking out the spots that hide off the well-beaten tourist track. On the other hand, if lounging by the pool and dancing until dawn is more your cup of tea, you will probably be better off sticking to public transport, and buses and taxis are generally affordable and easy to find.

If you’re looking for a great holiday destination and have never been to Ibiza, then what are you waiting for? 

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