Cycling Shoes and clips

2015 is quickly becoming the dawn of the Eco-tourist. More and more these days there is a focus on how we live, travel and how it affects the world around us, so it makes sense that more and more travellers are choosing their bike as a mode of transportation.

Not only does it cut down on emissions, making it better for the environment, it also gives you the freedom to design your own itinerary and enjoy the scenery along the way. Free from the confines of a car or bus you can experience a sensory overload of all the sights, smells and sounds different cultures have to offer, giving you an authentic taste of the country you are visiting. However, before setting off on two wheels on there are some types of gear that every rider should not be without. So if you’re looking to pick-up some must-have bike gear (retailers like Tesco have great offers for mountain bikes and road bikes) here are seven pieces to keep in mind before you head out on the open road.

1. A helmet

This one is atop the list of all cyclists and bike enthusiasts, as it is by far the most important safety accessory for anyone that owns a bike. It is all too commonly believed that once you’ve mastered cycling you no longer need to use a helmet, but all statistics and doctors will tell you otherwise, as the number one cause of major bodily harm or death in bike accidents is the lack of a helmet.

2. Water bottles and holders

When you’re going for a ride the worst thing is to end up stuck in a situation where you’re thirsty and need water but don’t have access to it. The best way to get around this is by bringing a water bottle with you though obviously you will need to install holders on your bike frame in order to carry them.

Cycling Shoes and clips3. Cycling shoes and clips 

If you’re a serious rider you should consider getting special cycling shoes and clips to help ease your riding, these make you both more efficient when peddling and help you maintain better control of your bike.

4. A bike rack

For anyone who is a serious cyclist and will be using their bike for more than just commuting or getting from place A to B around town, you will want pick a quality bike rack where that is attached to your car and can lock your bike securely.

5. A bike lock

One of the most important things you can buy that you will never actually use while biking is a bike lock. The best kind of lock tends to be a Kryptonite one, as they’re known for being nearly unbreakable by today’s many bike thieves.

6. Mirrors

For those who are using road bikes and will be cycling on roads that are heavily occupied by traffic, it will help you to have a mirror to allow you to see when cars are on their way, letting you move to the shoulder.

mudguards7. Mudguards 

Anyone who rides mountain bikes can attest to what a muddy ordeal it can be, so if you’re looking to reduce the amount of splash covering your bike apparel, then an investment in mudguards is a great idea.

However you ride and whatever level of expertise you’re at, these pieces of gear are investments you’ll be glad you made, wherever your two-wheeled travels may take you.

Images by Bureau of Land Management and Tejvan Pettinger used under the Creative Commons License.


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