Staying healthy is important for all travellers or those living abroad.

Before you move abroad or travel overseas learn all you can about the health risks at your destination and also any immunisations, vaccinations you will need prior to departure. Do all you can to be prepared to stay healthy. 

If you are travelling be sure to purchase a suitable travel insurance policy and check that it suitably covers your health insurance needs.

Generally, most expatriates and travelers will want to purchase health insurance if their current coverage does not cover them while they are abroad. 


If you plan to work abroad and already have a job overseas sorted – ask your employer for a copy of their health and medical insurance policies. If you are moving abroad with you family – be sure to check that they are covered also.

If you are volunteering or studying abroad through a dedicated provider ask if they provide health insurance or medical insurance. If they don’t they should be able to give information on what you will require and make recommendations.

The resources listed on this page / website are intended to help you get the most updated information about health threats and concerns at your travel destination or while abroad. 

We advise contacting government websites of your destination abroad. There you should find a variety of health threat assessments and recommendations for living and traveling abroad to that destination.

The options provided by The International Wanderer should be carefully reviewed and assessed in your personal needs.


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