The concept of volunteerism is relatively new to Latvia and as such opportunities to volunteer are somewhat limited. There are several non-government organizations active in Latvia that require volunteers. They offer different projects at different times of the year, usually in areas relating to conservation, collecting and distributing food and clothing, and teaching. With a little effort one can also find quite a few small establishments online that are desirous of help. Such places offer food and lodging in return for the help volunteers provide in managing and running the establishment.

One option is to volunteer and help the staff of orphanages. This gives volunteers the chance to spend time with some amazing children ranging in age from very young to adults. The atmosphere at some orphanages is that of a family unit. A lot of stress is placed on preparing the children for adulthood and life outside the orphanage. Volunteers get to spend free time on outings with the children and depending upon the season they can go canoeing, hiking cross-country skiing, or berry and mushroom picking. The children benefit by polishing their English language skills which can prepare them for hospitality industry.

Another option open to volunteers is to work in hostel management. These seasonal volunteer options are a fun way to spend time with the locals because duties include facilitating things like Karaoke night, Game night, or Quiz night. It provides the ideal opportunity to learn some language skills and see the local culture up close and personal.


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