Sweden is known for its peace loving and philanthropic ways towards all deserving and underprivileged people. There are a large number of volunteer projects geared towards the betterment of the society that can be found in Sweden.

Volunteers are an integral part of the Swedish pediatric healthcare system. Child Life services run a volunteer program in which the volunteers are responsible for the activity area quality, safety and the equipment on the premises. Additional activities include interaction with hospitalized children and training in cuddling babies.

Situated near Stockholm, is a community of handicapped children that requires volunteers for durations of six months to one year. Work responsibilities include farm work, woodworking activities, and cooking. Volunteers are also expected to take part in language classes that are offered so that their stay is more meaningful. For their services, the volunteers get a small stipend, free room and food.

In Sweden there is a great trend of practicing permaculture, the idea of working with nature to develop sustainable agriculture. Many farms of various sizes practice this mode of agriculture and are always happy to receive volunteers. Life of these farms is a unique learning experience because foods are grown using the permaculture principals. Only foods grown on the farm are consumed with the extras being given away so nothing is wasted. Don’t be surprised if you are asked to bring your own tent, because it is all about nature on these farms. Work duties include everything from taking care of animals, to planting and harvesting. Some of the larger farms even offer courses to increase public awareness, and volunteers can take part in that as well.


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