Spain has a great demand for volunteers, and volunteering opportunities are varied and almost unlimited. You can do everything from working with whales and dolphins in the Mediterranean, to restoring a castle, or protect the environment by overseeing coastal fauna and even teach English.

One of the most commonly sought after volunteer program in Spain is working in a Pueblo Ingles. These programs operate in different cities all over the country. The only requirement for volunteers is that they speak fluent English and are in the age range of 22 – 80 years. The volunteer’s day begins with breakfast and ends after dinner around 10:00 p.m., with a ninety minute break in between. Their job is to carry on conversations with individuals interested in improving English language skills. The conversations are conducted in low key settings like lunch or dinner or while performing any other activities like shopping, taking walks etc. In return the volunteers get to stay in fine locations and share traditional meals with the clients, free of cost.  

Many programs are based in the city of Valencia. They include community development projects like educating adults, and helping immigrant communities. There are even possibilities of joining professional internships that provide volunteers with communication skills and allow them to enhance their resumes. Internships usually run between 2-4 weeks.

Regardless of the fact that Spain is a developed country, it is still apparent that women hold a lower position in society than men. Volunteers fascinated with gender equality matters can volunteer in women’s shelter.


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