Whether you are a graduate student looking to build experience, someone in mid-career looking to take a break, or a tourist in search of doing something meaningful while learning about a different culture, volunteering in Grenada allows you to fulfil all these needs. Working in communities through organizations servicing youth and leading workshops, taking part in girl’s empowerment programs or helping with the construction of a new classroom in a local school you can achieve all those things.

Ninety nine percent of the volunteer work in Grenada revolves around some type of youth programs. The fact is that there are so many programs to select from that it becomes difficult to decide which ones to participate in. Many of the programs only require meetings once a week for half an hour or so, while others require more time, like one hour meetings three times a week. Since there are so many options, one is sure to find a program that will suit their needs.

Work at orphanages requires volunteers to help children with homework and play a few games after they complete their work. There are also afterschool programs where volunteers associated with specific programs set-up outside of schools. When the children are done with school, they join the program. While this type of a program is more like babysitting due to the large number of children that join, still it is a rewarding activity. Volunteers just spend time with the children playing a variety of games such as soccer or cards, colouring, or reading. Finally there are programs for children with special needs. Volunteers spend time with these children during recess in school hours.

Marine turtles in the Caribbean region face the prospect of extinction due to illegal fisheries, by-catch of legal fishing, habitat loss and egg harvesting. Volunteers can help by monitoring turtles or aid the on-going research to protect the species. Participants can spend three to twelve weeks carrying out jobs like patrolling sea turtle nesting sites, flipper tagging the unmarked females, collecting data and carrying out surveys on foot, maintaining camps, cooking and a host of other activities.


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