As most island nations, Anguilla is quite generous when it comes to volunteering opportunities. This is due to its geographical remoteness, relative lack of natural resources, and the sometimes moody weather that can involve violent tropical storms or hurricanes. Volunteering programmes in Anguilla can be divided into two main categories: community-oriented or environment-oriented.

In regards to community oriented programmes, volunteers can choose to involve themselves in construction projects, offer their services as a teacher, or provide medical aid if they are health care professionals. The Ministry of Social Services also organizes a series of volunteer programmes where people with a variety of skills can offer their help.

Also due to its location, Anguilla has quite a large number of environment-oriented volunteering programmes. You can volunteer to clean the coastline, preserve marine life, or help with monitoring turtle nestle beaches. Such programmes might not be available all-year round, depending on weather and season so it is best to check once in a while to see if any positions have opened up.

In most cases, accommodation for the duration of your volunteering programme will be with a local family. Keep in mind that volunteers are often grouped together with the same family or within the same house. Most volunteering agencies will also provide you with two or three meals per day.

Some nationalities can visit Anguilla visa-free for up to 3 months, but it is best to check with a local embassy for all requirements.


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