Although one of the most developed countries in the Caribbean, Aruba still appreciates the aid provided by international volunteers. There are numerous agencies, both Aruban and international that organise a variety of volunteering programmes on the island.

A large number of volunteering programmes focus on protecting and preserving the environment. A unique volunteering opportunity Aruba is represented by working with the local Donkey Sanctuary. Volunteers can help with feeding and caring for the animals.

Aruba’s marine landscape is dominated by reefs, which are endangered due to the large amounts of debris thrown. Volunteers can help clean and preserve the reefs through a variety of marine care programmes. In order to enrol in one of these programmes, you will be required to have some past experience with either diving or snorkelling. Coastal clean-up programmes are also popular and most people could join one, as no special skills are required. Such programmes are typically organised in September and October, when the weather is warmer and more pleasant. You can also check with various Aruban resorts, as they tend to organise their own beach clean-up days.


There are several programmes focused on the Aruban community as well. The most popular ones tend to be programmes that deal with children. Caring for children in orphanages, aiding disabled children, or teaching a variety of school subjects are all great volunteering opportunities.

Most volunteering agencies will offer participants accommodation and meals. Flight fares, visas, and required vaccinations are up to the volunteer, but larger organisations will also offer support for these matters. 


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