Gambia, the smallest country on the African continent has a number of interesting opportunities for students interested in studying abroad. The University of Illinois, Springfield (UIS) in collaboration with the University of The Gambia (UTG), offers one such program to students. The program is designed for both students and faculty of UIS engage in teaching and research. The program designed for public health students is considered suitable because, UIS has links with 33 universities dispersed across 13 nations worldwide.

In addition to the above program, the Keystone Study Away Consortium (KSAC) also has a program that takes international students t study at UTG. The KSAC is an organization composed of numerous US colleges founded for development and sustenance of study abroad activities. The program sends students on semester abroad programs usually providing accommodation with a local family.

For those not interested in completing semester abroad, a short field study program may be more fulfilling. Institutions such as the St. Mary’s college of Maryland have an opportunity via the PEACE program. The project initiated in 1996 takes students on field study in Gambia for approximately 50 days. The program is designed to cater for anthropology students and is aimed to facilitate completion of research in participant’s area of interest. In addition to study, students get to travel the country visiting several interesting sites in Gambia.

Juanita college of Pennsylvania is another US institution offering study abroad programs in Gambia. The liberal arts institution offers students a choice between one month and a semester in Gambia. The program, which involves visiting Gambia and part of Senegal, is designed to provide exposure in the courses relating of Politics and Society.

The Florida international university also has a semester abroad program that allows students explore traditions, globalization and tourism in a six-week program in Gambia and Senegal. While on this program, students get to study while visiting several interesting locations in both countries. International students interested in study abroad in Gambia or Senegal can benefit from scholarship funds amounting to approx. $500 -1000 from, The AADS scholarship program. 


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