Other than its renown as a popular holiday destination, Seychelles is also a perfect place to study. The University of Seychelles which operates in the country with an enviable record for peace and harmony is a perfect solution. The medical school of the University has many diverse programs and provides students preparation for future independent research roles. Medical students begin an active role at the Victoria hospital right from their early years. The institution works in collaboration with several hospitals including Ealing Hospital and Epsom Hospital (London), Ruby Hall Clinic (Pune, India), and Jackson Park Hospital and Medical Centre (USA).

Owing to a thriving and internationally competitive tourism sector, Seychelles is an ideal location to study hospitality. With a significant percentage of its population employed in the tourism sector, finding experience is unlikely to be a challenge in Seychelles. Institutions such as the Swiss Hotel Management School offers students a wide variety of courses and can place students for internship within Seychelles. The institution requires undergraduate students to undergo internship in year one and two while post-graduate students are required to complete 4-6 month internships in Switzerland or abroad. For students with budget considerations The Seychelles Tourism Academy provides a suitable option. The institution also requires students undergo 12-month internship prior to completion of a three-year course.

Due to its location at sea, Seychelles also has considerable study opportunity for individuals in conservation. Interested interns can contact the Global Vision Organization and assist the research team in data collection, monitoring shark migration. This is a perfect learning opportunity in a beautiful country. Interns can also work with projects run speciesconservation.org an organization that uses grants to help conserve the biodiversity in Seychelles.


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