Morocco offers visitors a number of study programs that allow you to study while enjoying learning about the country and culture. Studying in an Islamic nation such as Morocco is especially suitable in today’s world where there is much scepticism associated with the religion.

In the city of Meknes, the Versailles of Morocco, students can study while getting exposed to the beautiful blend of Arab, Amazigh, Jewish and French cultures. This beautiful city and its many sites was declared a World Heritage site by the UN in 1996. The programs offered here are instructed in English, Arabic or French. The courses are offered by the Moulay Islamic University and run in fall and spring.

Another city with suitable programs for international students is the city of Rabat. In addition to study Rabat is acityof timeless beauty bound to make your stay there memorable. The course offered through the IES program are offered in English, French or Arabic. For those with difficulty with languages additional help is provided to learn these languages. The courses generally translate to 15-19 program credits and include between five and six courses per semester.

Other institutions with interesting programs include the Al Akhawayn University offered through the College Consortiium for International Studies (CCIS). This program focuses on teaching in depth Arabic to students. Another language program is offered by IES in Rabat. For students interested in internships they can enlist with Projects Abroad and select internship programs that run for durations between two weeks and one year. In addition to language, there are some programs aimed for maritime study in Morocco.For example the Sea mester and Institute for Shipboard Education programs that take students through Morocco and several other locations in seabound global study.


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