Though a poor nation, students can extract suitable study option in the country owing to its situation with development. The main public university in Mali is the University of Bamako or Mali, located in the capital. The institution was established in 1996 consolidating nine campuses across the city. In 2007, the institution had over 60,000 students registered. Students interested in studying at the university should consider communicating with the five African universities; nine European universities and two American universities listed on the website u-bamako…org.

Due to its status as a major historic location along an established trade route, anyone interested in 16th century West African history should consider the Sankore University. He institution also known as Sankore Masjid or the University of Timbuktu is among three ancient centers of learning including, Mali, Timbuktu and West Africa. The mosque on the ground is replecent of the Kabba in Mecca. The institution is great for short programs as in the absence of central administration, students register for courses offered independently by instructors. Its scholars and professors are among the most distinguished names in the region.

Due to relatively low national literacy, students can visit Mali for internships with the organizations that serve social agenda within the country. Among the places interns can find jobs include foreign missions/agencies, NGO’s ad international organizations. The Canadian Government through the Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development department has some nice positions for journalism students. In addition to the above, the University of Denmark also offers its students internship positions in Mali.


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