Like many African nations, studying in Guinea presents a unique opportunity to both sample the culture and learn about some developmental issue first hand.

Among the institutions that interested applicants can get to pick from include the Gamal Abdel Nasser University and the Koffi Annan University in Conakry. Some of the disciplines offered at these institutions include political science, law, economics and management.

Other than these institutions, internship is another suitable way to get to study in Guinea. Internships in the developing world are often good as they provide deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding various global issues.

Interns interested in working in Guinea may want to consider jobs with the World Food Program (WFP). In addition to this, IFAD is also active in Guinea assisting the poor in rural areas combat poverty. The organization also from time to time enlists interns to assist in its projects within Guinea.

The Open Society for West African nationals or OSIWA has several offices throughout the region that can be used to assist interns looking for work in Guinea. The organization is suitable for interns who may be interested in visiting and working/studying in more than a single West African nation.

The existence of a well-established mining sector has seen some of the companies such as Bhp Billiton in Guinea offer intern’s opportunities to work and study within their mines and companies. For students studying geology or other mining related courses working in Guinea can provide both hands on experience and an understanding on pertinent issues in the developing world.


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