Guatemala has some very good universities to choose from if you are looking to study formal academic subjects leading to recognized qualifications. Like most universities around the world Guatemalan academic centers are quite happy to accept foreign students who have the necessary entrance qualifications and the ability to understand Spanish. Many Americans of Guatemala descent return to study, because it is cheaper, although it must be noted that foreigners will pay higher fees than natives.

Guatemala is an archaeological and anthological delight with its rich Mayan culture and the discovery of more and more ruins. For students of these subjects there are programs that are run between local and foreign universities enabling credits by working on the sites and getting first-hand experience of field work. Some teaching hospitals in Guatemala also send volunteer pre-med students for hands on practise too.

Most people go to Guatemala to learn Spanish. It has become world renowned for its total immersion courses in wonderful surroundings. The state university has a Spanish language program that they teach in the Botanical Gardens. These courses can be found all over Guatemala and take much of the stress out of finding your way around a strange country. You are placed with a local family and have your meals with them, plus at least four hours of one to one language instruction every day.

More informal things to study in Guatemala are courses on the Mayan culture and also weaving in places like San Pedro La Laguna or Quetzaltenango. Lately, there are many Latin American dance schools opening up, catering for both local and foreign learners.


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