A small paradise, you can spend as much or as little time learning in Guadeloupe. It is a place where little English is spoken, which makes it the ideally suited to study French in Guadeloupe. There are many schools offering fast track language courses to full length courses good enough to earn college credit. Some of the courses combine language learning with a cultural immersive experience. The various hiking, surfing and sailing excursions provide students more opportunities to practice the language they are learning.

There are many opportunities to learn scuba diving in Guadeloupe from experienced and certified trainers. Courses can vary from basic instruction lasting only a few hours to more in depth study leading to certifications recognized by most countries of the world. The short courses in Guadeloupe begin with introduction to diving basics focused on safety, equipment and the first dive taking place at a depth of four to six meters. If desired, the course can then be continued for more in depth study, or terminated after just one dive of seeing the colourful fish in the area.

To be able to study in an educational institute in Guadeloupe, most foreign nationals will need a student visa. To be eligible for the student visa you must first be accepted into an accredited educational institute. Next an application form along with all the necessary documentation and fees must to be submitted for the visa. A student visa, similar to a tourist visa can be valid for as long as ninety days, or if the potential duration of study is shorter then the validity of the visa may be less.


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