Are you wanting to study in Greenland?

You could look at arranging your own travel and study. Or perhaps joining a study abroad programme that operates in Greenland. Or maybe you would just like to do a short course, language study or the like?

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Greenland’s only university opened its doors in 1983. 2007 enrolment stood at 150 students and fourteen staff members. The university only admits Greenlandic speaking students with High School graduation. It offers a limited number of programs focusing on language, culture and social studies with some specialized research having local focus. This is not surprising considering the government’s policy of providing locals with free university education anywhere in Europe or North America. Most students in Greenland go to school in Denmark.


There are a number of polytechnics in the country, which are in line with institutions in Europe with credit and degree system making transfer between universities easier. Majority of the programs are conducted in Danish or the local language Kalaallisut. English language courses are difficult to find.

There are some specialized research programs run by different foundations and universities. Interested students travel to research stations and spend time carrying out research to foster greater international scientific cooperation between countries. There are also some research stations related to climate study.


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