The Central African Republic (CAR) has for many years suffered recurrent political conflict. Whereas, it may be difficult to predict the current mood in the country this very poor nation has several study opportunities. The Wildlife Conservation Society is an international organization that is concerned with the condition and preservation of many species.

Following the conflict in the country the Society has had to postpone its research on African forest Elephants in the country. Conservation professionals and students can contact the society and establish plans for the continuum. This is particularly important given that reports indicate guerrillas have been killing a number of elephants as they move through the forest.

In addition to studying the elephant populations and the effects of disruption in CAR, students can also get first-hand experience in subjects such as conflict resolution and international relations. For graduate students preparing research on various topics, a real post conflict situation is hard to find. Interested students will however, need to enlist as volunteers with some organization to complete their studies.

Other students who stand to gain from the prevailing crisis in the CAR are journalism students. For any student of journalism about to complete their study a good portfolio is hard to create. However, for those who can visit the CAR as volunteers, creating a suitable and relevant portfolio may be slightly easier. In addition to that, the prevailing conditions may say a lot about the journalism intern. Journalism may require extensive travel and experience in surviving in hot spots, the CAR can provide a bit of both. However, given the risk involved prospectors must consider working with established international partners such the ICRC.


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