Burkina Faso is a West Africa country that has undergone a tough reform process and is currently on track towards a bright future. Due to this, Burkina Faso is great place for students interested in studying and exploration of West African culture and lifestyle. Burkina Faso is French speaking, though many programs may not require knowledge of French it will be an added advantage.

Institutions like Universities such as Santa Clara University have fall semester abroad programs that are suitable for students to learn and visit the country. The program is reported to be exciting as it immerses students in academic work that involves class work and community based learning. The students spend time rotating between locations and activities including academic work Ouagadougou,  community based learning in a rural village, a week of travel and finally about two weeks in Ouagadougou.

Another institution with a study abroad program is the Bowling Green State University. The institutions study abroad program was created to facilitate student’s appreciation of diverse cultures in the French-speaking world. The program takes students through an experience to study both language and culture in both Paris and Burkina Faso. The programs mainly accommodate students with local families and include many excursions around the country. The institution also facilitates study abroad for students for varying durations arranging from two weeks to a year abroad. In addition to cultural study, prospecting students can expect to enjoy a rich, colourful and truly African experience. Like much of Africa what it lack in resources it makes up for in passion.


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