Like with many developing nations there is plenty of work in Swaziland with international agencies such as WaterAid UK.

According to WaterAid UK, there is a widespread problem of lack of access to safe drinking water in the country. The situation is further compounded by the presence of HIV/AIDS that creates an even greater urgency for a lasting solution. Almost 280,000 people in the country fall in the bracket without safe drinking water and in 2012 the organization provided 1000 people with safe water and improved sanitation. The organization works in the country by installing low technology and easily maintained devices within communities in Swaziland. TechnoServe is an international entrepreneurial NGO in Swaziland that works with local entrepreneurs to improve earning capacity and create jobs. The organization focuses on small and medium Swazi owned enterprises. Among the breakthroughs in Swaziland include a successful vegetable farming projects involving small-scale farmers in the country.

For health professionals Medicens Sans Frontieres works in the country to help control and manage the HIV crisis in Swaziland. The country is at the epic centre of a dual HIV and Tuberculosis epidemic and has registered an alarming number of deaths. The organization works with antiretroviral treatments at Shiselweni, collaborates with traditional healers popular in Swaziland and improves access to Tb treatment in Mankayane.

Due to the presence of a monarchy human rights violations do occur from time to time in Swaziland and for this reason international human rights agencies such as Amnesty International work in Swaziland. The organization works with local agencies to document and advocate for adherence to acceptable human rights requirements/regulations within Swaziland.


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