Sudan is huge country with many opportunities for work with the many international agencies that are active in the country assisting with its development agenda.

Oxfam International of America, Canada and Great Britain have been at work in Sudan from 2005, 1997 and 1988 respectively. Currently five Oxfam affiliates work in Sudan to meet the country’s humanitarian and development requirements. However, following the issue of an arrest warrant by the ICC for the nations President, affiliates such as Oxfam UK are considering pulling out of the country. Oxfam America remains assisting in Darfur while Oxfam Canada is active in the North and South working with women, youth and communities towards establishing peace.

The UNHCR has also been active in Sudan for many years assisting displaced individuals across the country. The organization currently caters for over 2 million individuals in various camps across Sudan. The Catholic Relief Services has also been active in Sudan from 1972 and helps in supporting peace building, education, agriculture, health, disaster management and micro finance. Based on estimates from 2012 the organization has managed to reach quite a commendable number of people estimated to be in the range of 2,126,668.

The International Commission of the Red Cross (ICRC) has also been instrumental in Sudan and has been there since 1978. In addition to assistance to the people affected by the Darfur crisis, the ICRC also provides seeds, tools, food and water as well as mediation between warring communities.

Sudan has number of minerals that contribute to the national economy. Locating mining jobs in Sudan can be facilitated using industry specific search engines such as or  


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