With a thriving tourism sector, working in hotels is the fastest way to find a job in Seychelles. The government policy in the country is especially conducive as nationals from all countries do not require a visa to enter Seychelles, a valid passport and a return ticket are all one needs for safe entry.

However, due to high literacy levels job require possession of an exceptional skill such as a foreign language. Using industry specific search engines such as catererglobal.com many opportunities are revealed within the country. Among the specialization required includes ability to speak Russian, advanced engineering skills, and accounting skills among others.

For individuals who enjoy conservation work, organizations such as Island Conservation Society who own and manage Aride Island Nature Reserve are a good starting point. The organization has many projects including reintroduction of bird populations, control of predators and invasive plants, and monitor bird health on the island. Other active programs include the Terrestrial expedition volunteer program that takes volunteers on excursions monitoring various species of Sea Turtle’s including the Hawksbill and Green Turtle. In addition, volunteers can participate in a census of the Mangroves or turtles in the region.

Owing to government efforts to reduce reliance on tourism and improve food production, organizations such as IFAD are active in Seychelles. IFAD has projects on Mahe, La Digue and Praslin where most of the population resides. IFAD’s current activities are aimed at 770 domestic farmers, 1330 people dependant on fishing, and some 7500 households engaged in some form of small-scale farming. For intra-organizational transfer organizations such as IFAD, High Commissions, to name a few are suitable for a glimpse of Seychelles.


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