Morocco has a number of multinational corporations operational within her borders. Many of these facilitate are good sources for work for individuals interested in working in this beautiful North African state. A good example is Nielsen Company, a global information and media company that is a key player in statistics, marketing television and media measurement, marketing information. The company has a strong presence in North Africa as well as many parts of the world and offers jobs to applicants in Morocco.

Another multinational worth considering in Morocco is Etihad Airways, the national airline of the UAE. The airline has a huge global network and offers interested applicants positions in Morocco as well as many other locations. A further look into Morocco is likely to reveal both international and local aviation companies that are a good place for people in aviation to find work.

The Kuwaiti food company also has a presence in Morocco. The company is among the leading FMCG players in the Middle East and much of North Africa. Experienced technicians and staff in other relevant categories may find work within the company. The British council is also very active in Morocco and offers a number of jobs to applicants. The British Council offers both internship jobs and full time positions. It is perfect for students looking for a brief internship in a foreign country.

In addition to the above opportunities, Morocco has much to offer interested applicants. Finding a job in a foreign country is often a daunting task and you may consider job search engines such as, This is among the top Middle East job search engines. In addition to that, international recruitment agencies such as Huxley associates often have jobs listed in the country and can help ensure your selection.


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