Ethiopia is a beautiful and long enduring nation located in East Central Africa. Having maintained peace in government since independence the economy is stable and in 2007, it was reported to be the fastest growing non-oil dependent African nation. Though Amharic is the official national language, most people below the age of 40 speak English.

Due to its huge population and the fact that many African governments are struggling with insufficient resources, Ethiopia has several non-governmental organizations that operate within her borders. These provide specific opportunities for people interested in working within Ethiopia. One area that it particularly accommodating is the education sector. As the Ethiopia, struggles to raise literacy and enrolment schools are increasingly looking to means to maintain and improving quality of teaching.

These efforts to improve literacy have affected the tertiary institutions as well where there is both growth in institutions and enrolment. Interested applicants can browse the local job search engines such a should find a number of suitable work opportunities.

Another sector that experiences a shortfall owing to budget limitations is the health sector. There is a shortage and high turnover of health worker in Ethiopia that has contributed to one of the highest maternal and child mortality rates. In light of this, with proper coordination with relevant organizations it is possible to find work within collaborating organizations. In addition to this, Ethiopia economy is driven by agriculture, which contributes almost 50% of the GDP. In light of this and the historic famines, there are bound to be organizations that engage in agriculture and climate management in the country. Unfortunately, the Ethiopian administration has maintained local control on its airlines, telecommunication, financial and insurance services making job hunting in those sectors very difficult.


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