Liberia is on a new path to rebuild following many years of civil war and for this reason unemployment still remains very high. For this reason, people interested in working in the country are highly specialised or work in non-governmental organizations.

Save the Children UK is among the non-governmental organizations active in the country. The organization strives hard within Liberia, one of the world’s poorest countries to show what can be achieved when resources are pooled together. The organization has successfully refurbished clinics, installed solar panels, and fed thousands. Another organization that has withstood the worst of the struggle is ActionAid. The organization has been in the country since 1996, and has had to deal with the realities of conflict during the period. ActionAid currently focuses on women’s rights, HIV/AIDS, education and emergencies.

Liberia’s mining industry has some opportunities for professionals interested in working in the country. A good place to begin is industry specific job search engines such as According to report by Aureus mining, one of the companies working in Liberia, the industry future looks bright because of an attractive fiscal code and low levels of corruption. In addition to that, reduction of external debt from $4.9 billion to $250 million between 2007 and 2010.

Liberia receives a significant amount of rainfall annually (16 in). Given the countries current agenda any efforts that can be made to harness this natural resource for agriculture or export would be very welcome. According the country’s irrigation potential currently stands at approximately 600,000 ha. Through funding from GAFSP in liaison with the Liberian Agriculture Sector Investment Program, $46.5 million is meant to be disbursed to support sustainable short and long-term investment in agriculture. The aim of the funding is to improve income for small-scale farmers especially women and the youth. 


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