With a thriving and fast passed economy, there are several possibilities for experienced professionals to find work in Kenya.

As with many developing nations, Kenya is no exception from an abundance of International NGO’s who play a vital role in uplifting living standards across the nation. Organizations such as the International Rescue Committee (IRC) have been in Kenya since 1992 busy with various social agenda. Currently, the IRC is engaged in provision of safe drinking water, health care and shelter to thousands of refugees. This is perfect organization for international relations students seeking to understand regional affairs and health care professionals among others.

Oxfam International is also active in Kenya have been there from 1963. In Kenya, poverty levels among the Northern pastoralist communities can be as high as 95% due very harsh climate, frequent disease outbreaks attributed to poor livestock management techniques. The organization works with these vulnerable communities and other located in cities slum regions. Disparity between earnings and population growth have contributed to mushrooming of slums in many parts f Kenya. The government has started earnest efforts towards slum upgrading but funds and numbers may mean it will be a while before realization of tangible results.

Recent exploration efforts in Kenya have borne fruit and currently plans are underway to begin mining gold, titanium and oil in various parts of Kenya. For professionals in exploration, liaising with organizations such as Stockport exploration charged gold exploration over a 2000 square kilometre area could provide meaningful pointers. For professionals with skills in Titanium extraction/exploration Base Titanium of Australia is well underway with its plans to construct and begin full-scale mining of the ore in Kwale near the coast


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