Guatemala is a third world country that has its own economic problems and has been underdeveloped for many years. Finding work in Guatemala is not always easy. It depends on how and why you are there. Also, what type of work you wish to do. Like most countries, Guatemala requires that you have a valid work permit. There are ways around this, as the government is fairly flexible.

If you are sent to work in Guatemala by your company you don’t have to worry about a work visa or any other legal niceties. Your company will employ a lawyer that will apply on your behalf. Many foreign workers start work in Guatemala with only a tourist visa. It is only a matter of time before they get all the required papers.

Another way is to work as a volunteer. As you are not earning any salary, you aren’t paying or avoiding any tax. A simple tourist visa is quite sufficient and no one will bother you.

The other way to work in Guatemala is on a short-term casual basis. Many people who travel around or through Guatemala can work as teachers or in restaurants. Many companies and almost all individuals won’t ask for invoices from foreign language teachers. Some of the international companies will stay within the law by paying a special invoice on your behalf.

You can pick up work as chefs or bartenders in foreign owned bars and restaurants in the tourist areas.  Many of the smaller private schools are quite happy to take on foreign teachers because they don’t pay tax anyway.  


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