Despite a stable being a democracy, Benin remains unable to break from the chains of poverty owing to relatively scanty amount of natural resources. However, as with many developing nations, this poverty creates opportunity and many NGO’s are active in Benin addressing pressing issues. Organizations such as the Hunger project are active in Benin since 1997 and could be useful for building working partnerships.

Another NGO active in Benin is Plan International. The organization has been active in Benin since 1994 and has projects to help poor children access their rights to health, education, nutrition and protection. The organization is well established and currently benefits more than 15,000 children in over 100 communities. In addition to the above, CARE is also active in Benin, having been in the country since 1999. The organization is recognized for interventions in gender, education and micro finance. The presence of these large international organizations is good as they can facilitate simple intra organizational transfers.

Being French-speaking country, Benin is likely to have a number of opportunities to support teaching English within its major cities. For professionals who have obtained certification from TEFL, establishing and managing and English learning centre can guarantee a reasonable amount of work.

It is important to note that in Benin only about 30% of individuals between the ages of 15 and 35 manage to get paid employment. With unemployment that high, jobs in Benin are often in specialised fields such as engineering or medicine. In addition to this, establishing a business or franchise outlet is one good way of working in Benin.


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