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Comprising of thousands of sunlit islands and situated along the Adriatic coast is the tiny country of Croatia. George Bernard Shaw appropriately described it as “the pearl of the Adriatic” and said “those who seek paradise on Earth should come to Dubrovnik,” one of Croatia’s larger cities. Its historic towns portray rich specimens of Greek, Slavic, Venetian and Roman architecture, and the natural landscape is enchanting.

Croatia got its independence from Yugoslavia in 1991 after a major struggle. The capital city Zagreb, is the country largest city. The country is described as an “emerging and developing economy” by the International Monetary Fund. Croatia has learned to use its pleasant climate and ideal geographical location to its full potential and exploits tourism fully. There is an abundance of cruise ships lining the ports along the miles and miles of water fronts. The endless beaches are adorned with sparkling clear waters and provide the ideal romantic escapes for honeymooners.


Croatia shows numerous coatings of primitive cultures; all of which disappeared along with the migration of different ethnic factions. It has the honor of housing seven sites that are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.  This heritage can be explored in the abundant museums, and churches scattered throughout the country.

Individuals looking to experience fine cuisine will get a variety of tastes in Croatia. The southern portion of the country continues the tradition of preparing foods with Mediterranean influence. The north on the other hand is influenced by Austro-Hungarian cookery. Wine production is a Croatian custom that is still practiced along the coastal areas of the country.


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