Congratulations on taking the plunge and pushing the boat out by deciding to hold your wedding abroad. It’s going to take a lot of organization, but you no doubt know someone who has done it all and had the wedding of their dreams. Draw from this inspiration and take on board the following things to consider so that your own celebration ends in wedded bliss rather than a marital miss.

Do you have a wedding planner?

It’s important to find a good wedding planner who is based in your destination. They’ll be able to liaise with local service providers and suppliers so that you can get the best deals, and they can also advise on some of the legal requirements for your wedding, as well as the suitability of different venues, etc. Don’t forget to let them know your budget at the start of the wedding. They’ll be able to plan everything according and prevent any nasty shocks when it comes to paying for your wedding.

What documents do you need?

If only you could just walk into another country and get married! Unfortunately, it’s not like going to get married in Las Vegas, which means you’ll require several documents to legally seal the deal. Countries will ask you for your birth certificate, valid passports, parental consent (if under 21), proof of being widowed or divorced (if applicable) and an affidavit. Check how long you need to be in the country before you can get married there, too, and whether you’ll need a visa. It’s advisable to travel to the country well in advance of your wedding day, rather than turning up the day before.


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Is your destination any good?

Don’t just assume that because a destination looks nice on the TV or in a magazine it will be the perfect setting for your wedding. Go there and check it out beforehand, and see if the reality is as flattering as the media have portrayed the destination. For instance, what’s the weather like there? Is at as sunny as in the magazine brochures? Does the potential venue look as elegant or in as good condition as it appears to in the pictures? See for yourself and confirm.

Think materials!

It’s most likely that you’ll want to get married somewhere you can be sure the sun is shining. In that case, think about the materials of your wedding dress (or suit, if you’re the groom). You don’t want to wear something that’s going to make you sweat buckets. Satin is too heavy for hot weather, so go for a dress made of chiffon, which is lighter and looks equally fantastic, if not more so.

Other considerations will be luggage, and how you’re going to transport your dress. Also, remember that you’ll be inviting guests to attend your wedding (unless you’ve decided to elope). Will they be able to attend, or is the wedding simply too far away?

There’s clearly a lot to bear in mind when you’re planning your wedding abroad. The further ahead you plan, however, the easier everything will be when you get there, leaving you to enjoy the perfect day.

Wedding Kiss

Image by SimonShaw, used under CC licence 2.0


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