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Retiring abroad is getting easier and better than ever before. It can be highly affordable and you can relax below palm fronds on some Caribbean beach. You can enjoy the wholesome farm-fresh produce.  Or else you may just wander around some historic European city.

Retired coupleThere are so many choices that finding the right place can be an overwhelming task. Hence you need to make your decision based on what you are looking for. It can be low costs or affordable healthcare or high-speed internet or just a warm climate all through the year or a combination of all these features. Check out and take the right decision.


If you wish to retire abroad, opt for Portugal as it remains the top choice for most people. This is because it has a low cost of living, the real estate is affordable and it has great weather. Besides, it can boast of established expat community along with a retiree residency program at highly affordable rates. The country provided you endless options for filling up your days and evenings. You can get along easily by speaking only English and it is quite a safe place too.

You can enjoy the medieval towns as well as fishing villages here. Next in line are the open-air markets along with local wine. There are cobblestoned streets, whitewashed houses, lace-patterned chimneys and much more. All this will be surrounded by figs, olives, and almond trees.

The weather is great with more sunny days than any other country in Europe. There are some of the best sandy beaches here. Health care is of the highest standards and medical tourism is growing each day.


Belize is in Central America but has strong ties with the English-speaking Caribbean. The roadways have been built around roundabouts. There are shops selling rice, beans as well as tortillas which are ground by hand. English is the official language here. There are descendants of British, besides Mexicans, Guatemalans, as well as Hondurans and Nicaraguans here.

Belize is a poor country full of independent thinkers where you can do what you want and even the Belize government will not make any attempts to stops your efforts. This is a land of rivers and rain forests. You can be occupied all the time with a lot of challenge as well as discovery.

It is a highly sunny country and all speak English. It’s also one of the easiest places for you when you plan to live abroad. It is really easy to establish foreign residency and do your banking. In addition, it is a tax haven too. This means that when you live here, you can run your business practically tax-free.

Since it is a small country the infrastructure is yet to be developed well. The cost of living is quite low. But do note that many things will not be available here and hence you would have to buy them from some place abroad!



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