One can hardly find a creature more interesting, noble, and impressive than a penguin. Their numerous kinds reside in Antarctica, including the Emperor penguin and Adelie penguin. Being the most enduring birds, penguins are an emblem of Antarctica, so seeing them is often one of the key purposes of nomads touring to this harsh land.

PenguinIn addition to penguins residing here permanently, those few lucky ones who come during the breeding period may even see chinstrap, Gentoo, and macaroni penguins at the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula. Therefore, to fulfill your dream of finding your penguin, you should learn some facts about them to be prepared for this meeting. 

King and Emperor Penguins

These kinds of penguins represent the “classical” image of penguins the majority of people imagine when thinking of penguins as such. These two types are the largest of the entire species, they are closely related and have many common features. Emperor penguins are fascinating creatures impressing the human imagination with an ability to not only survive a severe Antarctic winter, but also to breed in the coldest conditions in the entire world. Due to special natural adaptations of their feathers, Emperor and King penguins can withstand strongest winds and reserve bodily heat. Watching them is a true delight, which is available only at some special Antarctica tours. However, seeing these grand creatures is pure delight, so the entire journey is worth it!

Chinstrap Penguins

Rarer visitors of the Antarctica, chinstrap penguins are called so because of the remarkable black band of feather under their chins. They are most plentiful inhabitants of the Antarctic region, living in the largest colonies and mostly eating crustaceans. Chinstrap penguins are the most committed birds in the world, and this concerns everything they do, be it the choice of a lifetime mate or the nest site. Their most impressive quality is to reach the most unspeakable spots in the highest slopes, so seeing one may become a true challenge for the Antarctic tourist.

Gentoo Penguins

Gentoo penguins are the most egoistic of all Antarctic residents, mostly residing in small groups and avoiding attachment to a single site. However, they are still loyal to their mates and defend their offspring relentlessly. Those who wish to see a Gentoo penguin should head towards the sub-Antarctic islands and the Antarctic Peninsula, the typical residencies of this species.

Macaroni Penguins

For true fans of unusual representatives of wildlife, an encounter with a macaroni penguin may become a highly memorable occurrence in the Antarctica. These funny and distinctive penguins may be identified from a large distance with their orange tufty plumes located at the eyebrow area. They acquired such a name by a joking analogue with Macaroni coiffure hairstyles of 18th-century fashion. Seeing one of them may be a real treat for any traveller, especially given that they behave very vividly and communicate vocally during establishment of territories.

As you can see, the world of Antarctica has much in store for you, so make your first step to meet your first penguin! 


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