You cannot assume London without The River Thames or without The Big Ben and The London Eye in a same way the shopping markets and hotels of London are also plays an important role in putting London on the top of the popular cities list of the world. The Britain’s capital largest retail street, Oxford Street is running from the London’s tourist destination hub The Marble Arch area. Each and every part of London is equally important and has some specialization in any particular field but The Marble Arch is like perfect place in all aspect from business to the high profile hotels, restaurants and from A class residential apartments to the iconic parks and grounds. This place of the city is like summarization of whole London right in the heart location of capital.

Marble Arch is a 19th century white colored marble faced triumphal arch and London landmark designed by the most renowned architecture of 18the century the John Nash in 1827 and it served as the state entrance to the cour d’honneur of the Buckingham Palace. This iconic arch was taken to the entrance of Hyde Park in 1851 and now it is acting as a gateway between the Bayswater and Marylebone. Just because of this Marble arch this whole area is turned into an elegant place for stay and business. It is a small area in the City of Westminster and this central London location shares border with the Mayfair and Marylebone. Marble Arch area is surrounded by eminent tourist attractions of the London including Oxford Street, Hyde Park, the West End and Buckingham Palace. Like all other places of London the Marble Arch also has a sharp history and a rather gruesome past. Before the time of arch, the Old Tyburn Gallows was there in its place as a hanging location for some of United Kingdom’s most notorious criminals. But when the gallows were no more, the area start earning respect and for the same reason a grand squares and terraces were built. But the major part in its development is played by the Great Western Railway and Marble Arch grew from there.


Businesses in the area of The Marble Arch

It is a small area but the intensity of Business outlets you observe here make you feel like that it is one of the major business hubs of the city. One of the notable names in the field of Reality Television the Lime Pictures has its Office here in Arch. They are known for developing numerous health related reality shows in whole Britain. Most of these shows initial development to full scale production was happened in Marble Arch. You can easily find out he numerous law firms here they are famous for works like immigration, Gherson and real estate, and Brecher. You can also find out some of the luxurious hotels of the London. Out of all these one of the best options to stay in royal style is Montcalm Hotel Marble Arch.    

But the area is recognized by the world because of the biggest retail market of London The Oxford Street. The street is Europe’s busiest shopping street, with about half a million daily visitors. The shopping aspirants here can choose from more than 300 shops. The annual switching of Christmas lights by a celebrity has been a popular event of the street since 1959. This event reflects the importance of this market on the map of London. Along with the clothing brands some of the gastronomical restaurants are also there. One of the restaurants in Montcalm Marble Arch is famous as the The Montcalm for Kids and the reason is its delicious deserts and kids loving dishes.  


The one of the major reason of the Marble arch area fast and rapid development is its close proximity the London Underground and the Western Railway station. The dedicated tube station in the marble arch area makes the travel here quite easy. This Tube station is located on the central line and it will take you the any part of the city in just 15 minutes. Even The London Paddington station is just at the walking distance from Marble Arch and you can easily be at Heathrow International airport from there as the Heathrow Express departs in every fifteen minutes from here. Marylebone Railway Station is another Railways station located very near to arch area. If we look towards arch’s road location then the area around it forms a major road junction that connect Oxford Street to the east, Park Lane to the south, Bayswater Road to the west, and Edgware Road to the north west.

London Tube

Events and Attractions near Marble Arch Area

There are numerous things you can do in your free time at Marble Arch as you are just walking distance away from the biggest tourist attractions London has to offerOne of the biggest one isthe Oxford Street we discussed earlier. The Odeon Marble Arch is one of the biggest cinema halls of the London. But before 1997 it was the largest cinema screen in London. The screen is originally more than 75 feet (23 m) wide. The Odeon is also known for showcasing 70 mm films in a large circle and stalls auditorium.

With just a short chit chat walk with friend will take you to the home of celebrities the Madame Tussauds museum. This the perfect place to have selfie with your favorite star wax statue. Apart from that you can also enjoy the greenery near to Marble arch at the Hyde Park. All around the Hyde park you will also find out the hotels in hyde park area and each of them is the elite name of hospitality industry of London.

Tower Bridge 

Serviced Apartments

You can also choose services apartments for stay during your next visit to London. Two of the beautiful apartments here are the Molyneux Apartments near to Tube station and Lees Place Apartments at Mayfair and just 5 minutes walk away Marble Arch Tube.


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