Summary – London has many places which have not been explored well. The Bankside area is one such. However, it is one of the best places in the city and one must try out the various attractions of the place. Here is a short guide on what to enjoy in the Bankside region of London.

When anyone speaks of touring London within a few days, it invariably means skimming through the most well known attractions of the city. If you really want to explore this city, take out some more time and be a little more focussed about the places you will be visiting in London. Exploring the entire city is near to impossible, unless you have decided to stay in London on a yearlong holiday. Even then you will find that you have probably missed out something. The city is literally huge, and the number of attractions is just mindboggling. So before you go on the trip to explore any part of the city, check in to a conveniently located hotel and make yourself comfortable. Then get down with your planning of the entire trip.


There are plenty of hotels all across the city, but nothing offers connectivity as great as the ones in the heart of the city. Speaking of the hotels located in central London, the name of the best one that come into mind is that of Grand Park London Hyde Park. The hotel is one of the finest in the area and offers exclusive service to each and every guest. You will find that there is not point that has been not taken care of in the hotel, providing you the best staying experience in London. Do book your room well in advance since London is pretty popular among the vacationers and finding a decent place to stay in the peak season is a bit difficult. The online booking portal will come in handy for the purpose. While speaking of early booking, there are quite a few other attractions in the city for which you will do well by booking in advance over the internet.

 London Tower Bridge

Most of us who visit London go to the central part of the city and check out the museums and parks and other such attractions. However, not many travellers actually take out time to explore the Bankside area in London. The only time new visitors come any close to this place is when they are visiting the London Eye or the Big Ben or Tower Bridge of London. However, Bankside region, comprising of London Bridge, Borough, and Southbank is a real treat. One of the reasons behind them not frequenting this area is the lack of information about what to do in the Bankside region in London.

London Restaurant 

The Bankside area, like any other part of the city, is a lively one. There are plenty of stores and places to enjoy the beauty of London as well as its delectable cuisines. The Borough Market is rather close and is one of the best places to taste some really cheap English food items. It is quite similar to having street food in many other countries. If you are expecting a flavour just like the 5-star restaurants, you might not get it. The food stalls in the Borough market seem to have their very own style of preparing the food. You will certainly love it, but it may taste different.

London Coffee 

Those who love coffee can grab a cup anytime at the Monmouth Coffee shop. It is known to serve one of the best coffees in the area. But, do check the queue that will be standing in front of the shop. If that is too long, it is better to try the place at some other time.

 London Big Ben

Many of us really love capturing moments in the camera. With the Smartphone coming with a host of features and great camera the opportunity to capture the perfect moment any time and any where is a lot easier. You will certainly love to take picture of the Thames and all the people in the region. However, if you have a little interest about videography, do try to get a time-lapse video in this place. It is perfect for the purpose. There is enough activity and the boats sailing through Thames will create a beautiful time-lapse video. Just make sure your camera supports that.

When you will go to the Borough Market, do not forget to check out Bedales. It is one of the best wine bars in the area and serves the finest quality wine to the guests. If you have a liking for tasting various types of wines, you are in for a treat. You can even take a package of wine tasting. All you have to do is pay £35 per head and you will be able to enjoy about 6 to 7 different types of wines in handsome quantity. The best part is that most wines you will taste in London have been brewed locally and thus the quality is always ensured.

 London Borough Market

Having a drink and not partying is just too boring. The Bankside area brings to you the most unique place to have a party. Those who have been to this area or have read about it must have heart of The View from The Shard. This is the tallest building in EU and offers a spectacular view from 1000 feet above the ground. To make it even more attractive, you will be able to have a complete DJ party literally on top of the world. What makes this disco even more attractive and different is the fact that it is a Silent Disco. You will see all the people with headphones over their head and dancing. The music is being played through these headphones and no sound can be heart in the floor, apart from the sound of dancing.

You will find plenty of other attractions as well. You may even enjoy the classic view of Thames and the lights of London reflecting on its dark water after night. Enjoy the show and every aspect of it.    


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