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The capital city of England is quite well known for its splendid attractions and sightseeing. It is a much loved vacation destination. Every year thousands of visitors are seen flocking around the Heathrow airport as they enter the city with a great vacation plan.

For travel buffs it is not only an ultimate travel hotspot but, yet another place where all your holiday and travel dreams can come true.

Editorial Credit: chrisdorney / Shutterstock.comAs far as attractions goes nothing can beat the city of London where you get to witness all sorts of architecture. From all modern sightseeing including London Eye to the most historic ones such as the Tower of London there are lots of options to discover. Other than splendid architecture all around Britain’s capital city is a vivacious entertainment and arts centre. Moreover, the city’s music scene is still in demand and still remains popular as always.

London is one city that has open doors for people of all age groups. Irrespective of your taste and interests the city will serve you anything and everything. No matter if you are travelling to London along with your kids. There is something in store for kids as well. Has anyone hear the name of Paddington Bear? Yes, it is absolutely correct that Paddington Bear is a popular fictional character which is much loved by people and kids especially. The popularity of the character is defined as it is featured in more than twenty books. Michael Bond was the creator of this lone teddy bear which is noticed on a shelf near Paddington Station. Then the story line began and in the first story this bear was found by the Brown family at the Paddington railway station.

Gradually, the character became extremely famous. Today if we talk about Paddington Bear then almost every local Londoner and kids can relate to it. Lately an all-together new attraction has been launched which is known as the Paddington Bear trail. The USP of this trail attraction is that there are more than 50 uniquely designed Paddington Bear statues beautifying the streets of the capital city.

This attraction was started from November to December 2014 and it was hosted in order to celebrate city’s culture, innovation and art. These things in London are much talked about and are much loved by both Londoners and visitors. Moreover, these 50 Paddington Bear statues were installed at prominent locations. Some of the places where you could see a statue were parks, near shops, museums and at few other key landmarks. From Heathrow airport, to the London museum and the Royal Opera House these are the places where Paddington Bear statues were kept. However, the train got end at the Selfridges. These statues were well crafted by some eminent celebrities, artists and designers. Some of prominent names include:

  • Michael Bond, the original creator of Paddington Bear
  • Nicole Kidman
  • Emma Watson
  • Bear Grylls
  • Benjamin Cumberbatch
  • Victoria Beckham and many more

Visitors those who have come during this time must have visited this predominant attraction. Moreover, all the routes where the bear statues were installed are routed and maped. One can even download the same from the website itself. Moreover, just like other walking tours in London, a tour of Paddington Bear trail was well planned. There are websites to London from where one can not only book budget hotels central London but can even get their tickets booked for such attractions.

Charity Cause:

Moreover, the best part about the London Paddington Bear trail is that after the statues come down, these will be then auctioned to raise money. The money raised will be for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children and it is also for other charity causes.

While staying at Shaftesbury Hyde Park, these places are conveniently accessible. Travellers coming to London for a fun filled holiday cannot turn their back towards the city without catching a glimpse of this fabulously innocent character. Paddington Bear is well celebrated as a young and an adventurous explorer who has his own likes and dislikes. It is a universally loved character who is treasured and loved for his optimism and his ideal mannerism. The unintentional talent for comic chaos is featured best by none other than the Paddington Bear. So, hearing all these stories about this cute little bear will surely make you visit him on your next trip to the capital city.

Where to Find Paddington Bear:

To locate this fictional and much loved children’s character is not at all a difficult task. Visitors coming to the capital city for the first time usually take the options of walking tours. However, as and when you move out on your tour it is important to keep your eyes open. You never know as where and when you get to see a lovely marmalade lover. There are chances that you will bump into more than one Paddington Bear statue. Keep an eye open and see how many surprises pops up.

Another easiest way to locate Paddington Bear is to go to the Paddington Station. During the Paddington Bear trail, Paddington station is not only equipped with their own old bear statue but the nearby shops are dedicatedly selling all things related to it. Stuffed Paddington Bear can be purchased as a souvenir for your loved ones back home. 


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