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Croatia, situated on the Adriatic Sea, is without a doubt one of the most beautiful countries in Europe that has been only recently discovered by world travelers. Due to the country’s unique location,

incredible history and culture, it became a must-see in the past several years. Regardless whether you only decided to visit this country for a week or to move there either temporarily or permanently, you are in for an adventure of a lifetime. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before you start your trip or move.

The first step is definitely check whether you need a visa to visit the country. Croatia is part of the EU, but there are still a number of rules and regulations that apply both to EU and non –EU citizens, particularly to those who wish to relocate for more than three months. The best thing would be to pay a visit to Croatian embassy or representative office in your country or visit the website of the country’s ministry of foreign affairs. Unfortunately, Croatian administration and bureaucracy is known to be rather slow and ineffective, so it would be good to start as soon as possible with all your inquiries. Click here to access Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Website.

Just landed

Getting all the documents and paper work ready is finally behind you and the time has come to start your adventure. The next thing you need to do is find accommodation. If you are only visiting the country for a short period of time, it is advisable to look for the accommodation in advance, particularly if you are coming during the high season (July and August). You can always consult website such as airbnb or…The alternative is just google the name of the place you want to visit and write in the word accommodation. There is a wide selection of private accommodation and the prices vary again depending for the time of the year you want to visit the country.


However, if you wish to visit the country for several months or move there permanently, it is better to start looking once you arrive to the country. There are a number of online and printed sources, but it is not typical to search and rent an apartment without seeing it first. The best would be to go to a hotel for several days or a week and then search once you arrive to the country.


One of the good things about Croatia is that a lot of people speak at least English. Croatians are well aware of the fact that they are a small nation and in order to communicate with others they need to speak at least English. However, this is the rule that applies to younger population. Due to the country’s socialist history, older population rarely speaks English, but rather Russian or French. Nonetheless, you will have no problem finding your way as Croatians are known to be very helpful and friendly so even if you find yourself in a supermarket or pharmacy struggling to explain what you need, there is always someone who will jump in and help you.

Culture: No Messing Around With Football!

Generally Croatians are like any other southern European nation: pretty laid back, informal and friendly. They love sports and are unbelievably passionate about football. You can mess with them, their language, culture, style, but you do not mess with their national football team.


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