Voluntary work is warmly welcomed in Finland. Placements are possible in care centres, eco-centres, homes for the disabled and many other places.

Diaconal work in a parish serving people with special needs is one way to volunteer your time. Such work is satisfying and provides security to people with restrictions due to age, disability or illness. Known as Lähimmäispalvelu in Finnish, this type of work allows healthy people to provide a service to those who are not. Training is provided by the parishes.

Work on farms is another volunteer option in Finland. Volunteers can find placements on organic farms or regular farms helping with the daily duties of running the farm. Many times a volunteer can live with a host family on their farm, but in Finland it is more common to live separately and commute to the farm daily.

Volunteers are needed to provide student support or even teach students with special needs at a vocational college. Since more than half of the students live on campus, they have a lot of free time after school hours as well. Volunteers can provide additional help by participating and organizing activities outside of school. The school is located 80 kilometres north of Helsinki. Volunteers will get to stay in their own flat on campus.

There are a number of communities housing disabled adults. Volunteers work with the residents of the village, known as co-workers, in all aspects of running the community. One such village, in need of volunteers is located in southern Finland, just outside the town of Hämeenkoski.


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