In the last few years the volunteering sector in Lithuania has developed rather quickly. Between 2008 and 2010 the number of people volunteering has gone up by twenty percent. While most Lithuanians think of volunteering only in terms of eco-action, helping the sick, or donating blood actually there are numerous other possibilities that contribute to solidarity of character, broaden thinking and promote interest in public affairs.

On unique volunteer opportunity is to work as proofreaders, writers, editors, and IT/website for an online English newspaper. The portal voices current events and opinions of Lithuania regarding national and international issues, and is the only free daily online news source. This type of volunteer work provides an ideal opportunity to gain experience for aspiring reporters and writers.

Other volunteer opportunities in Lithuania can be accessed through international organizations. They have projects related to environment, agriculture work, construction, work with children, teaching, work with people with disabilities and many other options. The projects usually last for two to four weeks and a small fee is charge to cover the cost of transporting the volunteers, food and lodging. Any extra money is just given to the project to help running costs.

In most cases the volunteers from different countries work together in community based projects. Many of the activities would not be possible if it were not for the help volunteers provide. Volunteers usually have plenty of free time to explore the sites of Lithuania, and be a part of the Lithuanian culture. 


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