Volunteering in Luxembourg is not only a great way to gain a native’s view into the country, but it also provides a chance to serve the country. Due to its global nature of Luxembourg, there are many aid agencies based there, and opportunities for dedicated members can be found. Besides providing support to the many non-profit organizations based there, volunteering opportunities include working in healthcare projects, teaching English, and working in orphanages.

It is possible to volunteer in Luxembourg through agencies that work with local NGOs and offer placements in a large variety of programs for varying durations. Most programs usually charge a fee to cover the cost of lodging, local travel, meals, any necessary language classes and airfare. The fee also helps to facilitate the program.

Some programs also offer internship options in different business related fields. Applications to such programs are usually formal requiring personal statements and come with deadlines. Since internship positions are limited, competition is stiff.

Other types of volunteer programs include home-stays. In these types of programs, volunteers are requested to help out in private homes, farms or small family businesses in return for food and lodging. Such programs usually do not involve agencies and are advertised online. This means the responsibility for things like insurance and arrangement for local travel then falls on the individual volunteering. Since these programs are based on a personal level, there are no guarantees that what is promised is what the volunteer will get. Furthermore, if things do not work out, the volunteer will have no legal recourse.


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